Thursday, June 2, 2005

Quite A While

Yeah, it is. What I mean is: since the day I last blogged. I was actually pre-occupied with searching for a new desirable template {it took me a week to find the one that suits me} and publishing the new links thereafter. *sigh* It was a very tedious job, if one might ask.

I still have to fix a lot of stuff here but I need to set it aside for another day or two since I have a real job to do. *me thinks* By the time I am finished with all these, I will find myself bored again with my new site design. *bonkself*


I am having a hard time with my Bohol itinerary. I just cannot sit down and think about it. A lot of things are going on inside my head and I do not know what to do. Hopefully, everything will get ironed out and I, me and myself will be amongst the *bouncing* Chocolate Hills. Please, don't let the rain fall.


Despite my efforts to eradicate the thought that I am not getting any younger, the following people did not fail to send their jolly greetings in this rather momentous yet dreadful event of my life:

    Joy - a former colleague who is now based in British Columbia and who seems so in-love these days,

    Joyce aka Kryzelle - one of the people I make sure I meet with everytime I visit dear, old Baguio,

    Gail - a close college buddy who had me as one of her secondary sponsors when she tied the knot with her foreigner-boyfriend,

    Cliff - my ex-boyfriend who did not harbor any ill feelings toward me,

    Em - fellow mountaineer whom I first met at Pico de Loro,

    Andy - co-volunteer in UP Manila,

    Milky - a good friend and co-volt who is my chummy about love chikas,

    Grace - former college classmate,

    Jay of ATMC - mountaineer/globetrotter,

    Ronald - former orgmate and soon-to-be lawyer,

    Levi - one of the funniest people who graced my boring existence,

    Kuya Rage - the guy who always manages to escape from me, hehehe,

    Jon, Jary, LA, Kerwin - my chosen Pex barkada,

    my superiors & colleagues at the office,

    Uriah - one of my high school barkada,

    Ria - former colleague whom I envy because she is starting her career in the right direction {I should have done years before what she is doing now},

    Chummy, Bajoy, JHerry, Carmi, JR - my ATMC pals,

    Vicky of BWI,

    Ma'am Helen of BOI - who had been greeting me since early May and even up to now...hehehe,

    TJ - a former colleague,

    Bel - Dex's sister,

    Jovee - a *devious* & wacky friend,

    and of course, Papi Dex - for being the ever patient, generous, kind and adorable boyfriend, and

    my family (Papa, Mamu, Bambi & Jeff) - for being there.

thank you very much for sharing your life with me as I have with you all.

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