Thursday, June 9, 2005

Breakfast At Jollibee

Mawning all,

I'm not really used to taking breakfast (4-5 cups of coffee is breakfast to me already) but I took one. A new
Jollibee franchise has just opened today, as in kaninang 6am. Katabi lang ng building namin, Insular Life po houses Jollibee.

Sarap! Could not resist to try and have my share when a new food establishment opens.
Tulad na lang nung Jollibee sa Ayala Ave. I dined there, too, a day after it opened.
Btw, McDo in Ayala is set to open soon. Hehehe. To think there's already McDo in IBM,
along Paseo.

Siempre if there's Jollibee, McDo has to be there. It does work otherwise.

I had a full stomach. I ordered their longganisa breakfast meal. Their hot chocolate gave me the boost.

Btw, the mascot's there, too. Like a bee, he flew from table to table and elicited infectious smiles and even laughter amongst morning diners. I got my own Jollibee treatment when he patted my shoulders while I was lined up at the counter. I got envious when some of the diners had their photo taken with the mascot. Gusto ko ako din. Ang babaw no? Well, that's the kid in me acting. Sometimes, it is nice to let go of the kid in you once in a while. It is one of the grandest way to start the day.

Just so you'll know, I am more of a McDo person but I got to love my own. That longganisa breakfast meal will make Jollibee my morning dining destination.

Bee Happee!

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