Thursday, December 29, 2005

Blog Skin

Dear Me,

I won't blog till I find a new skin for my blog. Yeah, this is one of the days that I want to do something and yet I can't do it because I don't feel comfortable with it.

Now, that's *deep*...hehehe.

Come on, dear skin, show yourself to me.


  1. hi! :) I'm not satisfied with this one.
    Well, I finally find the ONE.
    I will upload it within the day..:)

  2. Hi Ivan, thanks for the link ha. year, new skin ha, that's cool! Buti ka pa may self-control na wag mag blog, ako basta nakaharap sa computer, dire-diretso ang blogging at blog hopping eh *wink

  3. me just drop by from blogexplosion and to say hii :>

    you already have a nice templete... still looking for a better one??

    anyway, keep up the cool posting .

  4. teacher sol, happy new year!
    mejo nagsawa na ko sa cosmo look. Hehehe.
    New year, new look.

  5. gasson, thanks for the pop! :)
    oh, what you just saw when you drop by
    was the new one already..:)
    Before it was pinkish! Cosmo look..:)


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