Friday, December 23, 2005

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Dear Me,

First of all, I am in wonder why I don't feel like blogging now (or even the during the past few days) but I want to blog right now. I know, it's kinda confusing...and strange. It's like you don't want to do something but you feel like you want to do it and yet...

Anyway, there are loads of things running through my head. Lately, I realized how all these things can be so confusing and dragging me off-track. *sigh*

They are thoughts which are meant to be taken seriously. Why not? Because they naturally will define the course of my future, my life. I really find it a big deal (right now) to dwell on these thoughts right away. For how many times I have tried to take things easy, forget about the seriousness of it all. I want to perceive things lightly as I did before. But there's this something that endlessly, continuously nags my entire being.

I have finally accepted that escaping from the reality of it (them) happening will not result to anything beneficial. So with sheer reluctance, trepidation and fear, I decided to face the monsters of my inner being.

I thought they were my monsters but I realized that I really need them to give me back the life (or the part of it) that I thought I had lost. In totality, they will actually serve as the cradle of my potentials and opportunities.

Time is always essential and I'm running out of it. If only I did those things before...Well, I missed the chance because I completely disregarded the value of time that was given to me then.

My sense of understanding of what's at stake gives me the direction where I should pour in my efforts. Knowing what to do now makes cashing my efforts worth the while.

Somehow, the realization, acceptance and doing something about the nagging thoughts in my mind have helped me in lessening the worries and anxieties of something unknown.


My golly. It's been more than three weeks now. I'm just reporting here at the office not to work but surf the net all day long. Mind you, the surfing isn't that interesting anymore; I'm getting tired of it.

My office routine starts with switching my computer on and clicking the following:
Yahoo, GMail and my corporate inbox to check my emails; Blogspot, Multiply, Friendster to check and update my accounts. The days went by - me doing the same thing like a clockwork.

I am really bored and it's driving me nuts.

My golay talaga.


Did I mention that my pc at home is totally functional now? Well, thanks to dear papi. It is three weeks now that my pc is operational.

The last problem that we had with it was the monitor. Hahay. I thought that that failure was the end (as in the doom) of my surfing and blogging nights. If ever that happened, either I have to save a lot or totally maxxed out my credit card to buy a new computer.

I still spend a couple of sleepless nights for the last 3 weeks not to blog entirely but to surf and read other people's blog, search and check details about my 3 choices for graduate studies.

But you know what, dear me? I still end up sleeping in front of my pc - only to wake up because Sakura, my dog, gave out a loud yelp.


I switched mobile phones already. I gave up my N3650 in exchange for SE K300i. As I mentioned before, I was gunning for a PDA or any of the choiced Samsung flip phones. But due to unnecessary budget cuts, I had to postpone acquiring one.

Despite being the low-end of other SE K-series, I found K300i a little smart and cute in my hands. I was actually raring to have a mobile phone that's small and flat; not big and bulky.

But here's the catch: I am still going crazy moving the navigator to the right target. It's just a matter of light and smooth slide to the left and right, top and below keys; still, I don't get it right.


Because papi is just as crazy as everyone else with
Harry Potter, we watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at Sucat on its 4th day of showing.

At first, I was so reluctant to go because I am not even a fan of Harry Potter nor I read JK Rowling's books. I love reading books but that does not include JK's.

For a first timer of Harry Potter movies, this I am gonna say: it was good and I even found it in my heart to either watch the first 4 movies or read the books. I prefer the books since books-turned-to-movies are already in their condensed form. Can anyone suggest which is the better option? =)


Dear Me,

I started whining about not wanting to blog but I ended up writing more than what I expected. :) As writers would claim" "just write and write and write."

It's 4pm already and in an hour I am bound to leave the office. I have to prepare some stuff first and settle some affairs at hand before the holidays closes on me. I still have to write a couple of reports which is to be submitted ASAP.

Anyway, I intend to write them back home but first I need to acquire the necessary documents to support my articles.

Once everything is settled, I'll be right back.


  1. i started reading HP after watching the first movie.
    i suggest you read the books first, then watch the movies. then you can compare and judge on your own. :)

  2. monica, hehehe!

    mariel, thanks. Your suggestion makes sense.


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