Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Drill No More

Dear Me,

A few weeks ago, the Philamlife Tower (where our office is located) conducted a fire drill. Before the designated time the alarm went off, everyone was thinking of excuses - a way out. Obviously, everyone wanted to walk away if they could. Who, in their right mind would engage in a stairs-walkathon of more than 40 floors down? Aber?

Out of nowhere, our DED sprang a question for me. Did I want to participate in the drill? Was that a trick question? Naturally, I wouldn't want to but it wasn't easy to say NO noh? It was the deputy executive director who was asking me.

Little did I know that he had asked everyone already and the replies were all negative. He came back to our general office and announced that I was the only one who wanted to join the fire drill. May golay!

Anyway, it was our DED and the ED + the AD weren't around to dispute that. Knowing DED, he would make a pass at everything that would counter his rational and necessary decisions.

So, it came to pass that he asked the building administrator that our whole office be excused from the exercise, and that included me. Hehehe.

Besides, I couldn't help but complain what an ass some people in the building could be. It was a drill, yes but it was meant to prepare everyone from a real fire outbreak. What in the world could you say to people who only came out of their offices after 30 minutes the alarm went off, walk like they were in the moon, chatting and laughing and barring the rest of the people along the way? Ha? Ha? Ha?! And there were guards assigned, too. What did they think they were doing?

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