Wednesday, December 7, 2005

New Girl In The Office

Dear Me,

I have a new colleague in the office. She is actually sitting a couple of arms away from me. She has 3 names with these initials, MSM. The people in the office decided to call her May (which is the last of her 3 names). She replaced J-1 who had recently resigned from her post to pursue her American dream.

Based on first impression, May seems pleasant, friendly and probably outgoing, too. Hope that impression lasts.

I just hope, too, that she finds her place here and that good things (about work) come her way.


  1. mukhang mabait siya, pakilala mo naman sa akin :)

  2. cruise, late ka na.
    Ang magandang binibini ay may kasintahan na.
    Katukayo niya ang ngalan ng isang powder panglaba. :)


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