Friday, December 9, 2005

How To Cook

Dear Me,

I really want to learn how to cook; not just the simple rice-cooking nor frying fish and eggs. I want to learn how to prepare even the basic Filipino dishes. I have this dream, you know. It is not exactly the passion to be a chef but just your plain Jane who knows how to cook good and real food. We, Filipinos love to eat and there are just so many dishes that we have that can drive anyone's appetite and palate crazy. My father is a Kapampangan and really cooks well. My cousins grew up in Pampanga and I really felt envious everytime I discover that it was them who prepared the lavish, sumptuous, mouth-watering dishes served at the clan reunion. On the other hand, my younger sister also got the passion for cooking from Papa. Oh, just imagine what a disaster her first stint at the kitchen was. =)

Not that I knew nothing about cooking but I know how to cook a few dishes because I love to eat them. I love
sinigang and beef steak/liver steak and I know how to prepare them. But what about bicol express, tuna sisig, relleno, embutido? These are my favorites.

I even bought a cookbook to guide me but that cookbook was a mess. If I didn't know better, I would have made my
Umba (which is supposed to taste sweet) taste too salty. Not even my dog would come near it.

Can anyone suggest a good recipe/cookbook with easy-to-cook dishes and available ingredients? I just cannot wait to try this myself...once again.


  1. pag punta ka ng cebu ill teach you how...

  2. ayza, promise yan ha?
    Kahit isang recipe lang muna.
    I would make sure to cook that perfectly. :)


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