Thursday, December 8, 2005

Missing Papi

To my papi,

It suddenly struck me how much I miss you. You were just gone for a day and a half and I felt this sudden longing to be with you. Naks! Ang corny noh? Hehehe. But truly, I do miss you, a whole lot! =)

It occurred to me how very lucky I am, to have you. Not that I am comparing you to anyone, but you're the only person (except for my folks) in this world who have gone (and still does) out of your way to do things for me. I never thought then that it could be possible to be with the kind of man that you are.

Forgive me (I know you always do) for being the kind of girl you didn't expect me to be. Forgive me for all the faults and the weaknesses I have. I had done (and still do) a lot of bad things and you still treat me like a good girl.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, care, thoughtfulness and sense of humor. As always, your qualities never fail to amaze me.

Through the years, I have felt the kind of love you shared with me and there's no day that I TRULY doubted your love for me. I guess I am just lucky enough to have you.

I cannot promise you that we will always have golden days together but I can guarantee you that I will try to make them happen. =)

I am nuts about you and I thank God for having you. Love you always!


It's kinda funny that while I was starting to write this that you gave me a call, straight from Cebu.

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