Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Lots Of Things At A Time

Dear Me,

So what am I doing right now? Let me rephrase that: What are the things I am doing right now? Aside from cramming, multi-tasking is what I love to do best.

I am here at my workstation feeding on my pork giniling with egg lunch and sipping my Fres-C (yeah, without an 'h') pineapple juice (I like the taste). On the side, I am writing names in the mini-greeting cards so I can finally 'dispose' the gifts I wrapped last December 29 till the wee hours of the 30th (I did not sleep because I enjoyed wrapping the items I bought for people I care about and I wasted almost 3 hours for my sister to buy me that gift wrapper). The month of hearts is just around the corner and my wrappers are still in the festive mood.

Aside from doing these two, I am also blogging now and add to that, I am browsing the websites of my 2 potential renters from
BlogExplosion. I am not really after traffic but I love to surf and read stuff from people's lives and experiences. I was exploring the features of BE and I chanced upon this Rent My Blog thingie. I thought of trying it out.

So what is this Rent My Blog thingie? It's where people can rent a little space on other people's blogs using credits they have either acquired by surfing and reading through blogs at BE. I have gained enough credits to even join the so-called Battle of the Blogs. Not that I have something to boast about my blog but I really find it neat and cool to join and wrestle with the other blogs. Out of 17 battles that I joined, I won 3 and lost 14. Hehehe. I know, big loser. But it's fun. =)

Anyway, I'm done with my lunch (though I have to bring my eating buddies to the pantry so I can wash them clean) and gift card-writing and with this post. I had to get back though with reading through my bidders' blogs so I can decide which blog will grace my space here. Ciao.


  1. Just takes a little practice, Ivan. You'll be winning most of your battles soon.

  2. utenzi, words from the expert! :)


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