Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Samu't Saring Isipin

Dear Me,

It's funny how our brain works. Sometimes when you want to think and focus, ideas are just as hard as they elude you. But there are times that they can literally flow like water from the falls. This morning was no different. I just arrived late in the office and the moment I had my a** locked in my swivel chair, lots of ideas were (still are) pouring out and I just couldn't find a way to release them.

*Sorry for the Tagalog blog title. I just like the sound of it. =)


  1. why apologize for the title... maganda ang tagalog!

    cool site.

  2. broks, I know. That's why I used it. :) Next entry ko, mega-Tagalog. Kikay...hehehe.


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