Friday, May 5, 2006

Blab It

Dear Me,

I'm somewhere out there and I got nothing else to do Hehehe.

As usual, let me blab about anything I have in mind.


I only admire 2 women when it comes to personality, strength and beauty. One of them is Angelina Jolie. The first time I saw her in the movie, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (shown in 2001), it struck me that her character in the film goes beyond in real life. I wasn't wrong. She is a woman of great personality with love and compassion for humanity.

Recently, she graced the cover of
People's magazine as the top person in the list "100 Most Beautiful People." She and Brad Pitt (together with the kids) were even referred to as the "Most Beautiful Family."


Goodness. I got scared. I am a contact lens wearer. There was a news recently that Bausch and Lomb recalled their product Renu with MoistureLoc in the US, HK and Singapore market in reaction to reports of a growing Fungal Keratitis cases among contact lens users.

It was not the product that gave me the shivers. For a fact, the MoistureLoc product is not yet in the local market. I am using other Renu products specifically their contact lens' brand, the Renu 3-in-1 solution and the almost phased-out B&L protein tablets. I have been a loyal user of Bausch and Lomb products from the moment I started wearing lenses.

What actually scared me was the thought of going blind because I got infected with this Fungal Keratitis. I am such a lazy girl - I don't comply with the procedures of proper use and care for my contact lens. I don't clean it often - I don't practice the "rub and rinse method", just plain soaking. Most of the time, too, I sleep without removing them which according to B&L officials, is one way to acquire the eye disease.

I googled what Fungal Keratitis is. "
Fungal keratitis is a serious and painful corneal disease that is caused by fungal infection." (from Purdue University) According to eye experts, fungus is commonly found in plants and soil and may enter the eyes once a person is injured by a plant or if soil particles accidentally enter the eye area.

I will start caring for my cl and my eyes. I cannot imagine for the life of me to be deprived of my sense of sight. Life would be dull and frustrating if that happens.

For more info on Fungal Keratitis, please see the links below.
  • Handbook of Ocular Disease Management
  • Fungal Infection of the Eye
  • Fungal Keratitis: Diagnosis and Management


    Fra Lippo Lippi - Huah! They're having a Philippine Tour this coming May 13th at the Araneta Coliseum. FLL had been such a huge hit here in the Philippines since the late 80's onwards. Huah. I really want to come and see Per Sorensen. But I don't have much money at all to purchase a ticket. I am saving for my trip somewhere. Blasted.

    Anyway, here is the lyrics list of FLL:


    Senator Lito Lapid will run against incumbent Makati City mayor Jejomar Binay in the next local election? It was said that PGMA is encouraging Sen. Lapid to counter Binay's bid in securing his 3rd and last term as city mayor. I believe that Sen. Lapid should not even contemplate about doing this. He isn't right for the job and Binay is such a good and effective city leader in his own turf. Lapid should concentrate on his own task at Senate and not be swayed by PGMA's push. Obviously, the president is just using him to finally remove Binay out of the political picture. Binay incurred PGMA's bad side when he became open to rallyists and demonstrators in staging protest rallies against PGMA's administration. Observers claim that Makati City is turning into a "bastion of opposition protest activities."


    For mallrats out there, SM City Clark in Pampanga will open on May 12, Friday to the public. May bagong tambayan at pasyalan na naman ang mga Kapampangan. =)

    1. hey girl, thank you for letting me be your "tenant" for the week!!


    2. Oh no Ivan..why did it reach Philipines so late. We had that report months ago! And all Renu brand solution have been banned from being sold from any shops! I have been using Renu for ages and yes I panicked! It was ok for a while but just 2 days ago, I discovered an alien substance at the corner of my left eye and I am now in total panic!

      I am going to see the eye doctor now..right after the weekend cos its public holiday and all are closed so I gotta go get a new pair of glasses done tmr.

      Wish me luck!

    3. noi, the news made a buzz a month ago if I'm not mistaken. Maybe because that Moistureloc product isn't sold here.

      Goodness. Hope your eyes will be ok. Don't scare me. Last nite, I really cleaned my contact lens the way it should be cleaned. Better do it now before I regret the future.

    4. cmhl, it's a pleasure to have you here. =)


    It is always refreshing to know what is in your mind. Thanks!