Friday, May 5, 2006

Curse The Spammer

Hey, you!

Yes, you a**hole! You better stop flooding me with those trash of yours, ok?!

I am not a sex maniac nor a pervert so stop flooding my comments' page. Everytime I post a new entry, you're the first one to appear and I damn well hate it. Better stop posting those garbage of yours here before I wish you ill (whoever you are). I abhor the stuff you're advertising so beat it!



  1. You got a very nice Blog, pink and organized categorically into it's proper order....(redundant na ako no?? hehe)

    Anyways, cool ng blog mo, dami ng content, simple ang layout pero rock. galing!

    I do hope mag.eenjoy kayo ng brother mo pag.visit nyo sa Cebu. ^___^

  2. aw,I overlooked you're post. It looks like ur not in a good mood today.

    Sorry about that flooder/stalker of yours.

    Anyways, salamat sa pagbisita mo sa BLOG ko.

  3. sorry guys for the language used in the entry. I just really need to be a bitch here so he/she knows. I hate those yucky ads they're posting in my comments' page.

    to mikegaven, thank you. some people complain about the tons of links i have here but i find solace having them here since i utilize most of them for personal and work purposes. It's like my virtual library links. ;)

    about Cebu, i'll be going there with my bro and sis. =)


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