Monday, November 20, 2006

Of Emotions, Dinner, Mt. Apo, Etc.

Dear Me,
  • I am getting tired of my blog template. It is time to hunt for a new one. I saw a number of templates that I liked but some of the features were disabled. Not good enough for me.

  • Early Saturday morning, I sent a message to a group of friends inviting them to have dinner with me tonight. To cut the story short, that dinner with my friends will not materialize. Too bad.

  • Yeah, yeah. People who knew me didn't know what was the matter with me for the past weeks. Then, they came to understand (at least) when they read my blog. I read again what I wrote and for the life of me, I still do not know which bugs me the most.

    I will tell you that I am fine now but I guarantee you, this is not over yet. 'Lapses' are still bound to happen and I just hope that I can find a rational idea before I go to that streak again.

  • As much as I try not to, I still feel irritated thinking about ABC. Yung isa, sobrang ma-papel. Lech! Sana madapa ka.

  • In less than two (2) weeks, we are off to the highest elevation of the country. Mt. Apo, here I come. Okay, slow down. I am still not sure though. I already have the flight ticket to Davao and I already paid the PhP3,000+ expenses for the climb. Anyway, I still have to prepare just in case. Sometime this week, I will be buying stuff at the supermarket. Promise, I'll have lots of edible stuff in my pack. Hehehe. Tomorrow night, I will start packing my clothes so I don't have to rush for the big day. This is one activity that I will have to declare war with procrastination.

  • If ever I join that climb, I hope it will be truly worth my time. I hate loud bitches and drinkers. If it's your trip, that's fine with me. But know your limits and don't overdo it. I really hate it when people are not so responsible of their actions.

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  1. I really hate it when I'm on a trip somewhere or even just out at the movies and a bunch of drunken idiots show up. Clearly, they can't hold their own when they shouldn't.


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