Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #12

Dear Me,

The drill during Thursdays!

Thirteen Things TO DO TODAY

(1) go to the post office and mail my postcards
(2) go to the bank and pay bills for my 2 credit cards and mobile phone subscription
(3) buy a gift-wrapping paper and wrap presents for tonight's so-called party
(4) prep reqs for papi so he can claim our freebies (2 Ayala cinema tickets)
(5) upload photos in my multiply
(6) prep stuff that I need to bring home
(7) update planner/schedules
(8) clean my yahoo inbox
(9) blog?
(10) prep documents required by the bank
(11) collate work photos needed for the office Christmas party presentation
(12) compile a list of categorized lists (I'm a sucker for lists...hehehe)
(13) jot down my 'mental' to-do list for the remaining days of 2006 in my notebook

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  1. g'day !! i'm just new to thursday 13's so thought i'd drop by to say hello
    i'm a bit of a list freak as well - but i'm really bad at following them up !!!

  2. That's a lot to do in one day. ;) Best of luck with it all!

  3. I like #11 and #13...HA I can relate!! :)

    My TT is my Christmas Wish List if you want to take a look

  4. Lots to do! Good luck getting everything done!

    Happy T13. :)

  5. Have fun at the party...well, as much fun as can be had.

    I love lists too.

  6. Hooray! My postcard is on the way!

  7. Busy day - #12 made me laugh!

  8. [~Kathryn~] - really? well, well. I am sure you're gonna like it here in T13. Come on, participate and have fun. Guess this is your baptism of fire.. =)

    the list? oh, me too. I am trying to make amends...hehehe.

    [suki] - well, I wasn't able to finish them...hehehe.

    [Deanna] - I still have to finish #11 today. hahay...

    [Caylynn] - i still have friday to wrap this all up...

    [the bluest butterfly] - ehem...hehehe. did I?

    [jerine] - yep. let me know if you receive it so i'll know when to pester the post office..hehehe.

    [tug] - me, too! I didn't know not until this T13 edition that I am what I am...hahahaha.

  9. Hey. I hope you don't mind random people commenting, but yeah I had a tough week too. I just had exams and it was killer. Cramming all the way.

    And yeah I heard about the whole cancellation of the summit thing. It can't seriously be about the weather.

  10. [josh] - nope, i don't. In fact, I appreciate that people take time to read and even comment. =)

    nobody believed that, too. =) It didn't even hit Cebu.

  11. ako din i have some postcards to mail pa

  12. Hello ivan, normally I try to get to know my renters or as I call you my co-pilot through visiting your blog, I know my site won't give you much traffic but will leave me as a friend for a long time. I trully enjoy your blog and have read it in the past. Since I have been on vacation and I don't have internet at home I have neglected you a bit, for this I apologyse but let me thank you again for being this weeks renter. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  13. hey... how have you been?! it's beginning to look a lot like christmas... goodluck with your to do list.. hope you can accomplish all of em before the day ends. muahz

  14. [tin-tin] - goodluck with that. sana di sila gaanong ma-delay. =) I'm done with my 1st batch & i'm preparing for my 2nd batch.

    [jose] - it is okay and I really thank you for having me. I'm not really after the credits but more like loving it having new friends. =) Well, well, having a vacation? I wish you have the best vacation ever. I am still here at work and will be working till Friday and be back on the 27th... =)

    Celebrate and have the grandest holidays ever! =)

    [jamie] - i am fine and feeling light these days. Must be the holiday fever getting around. Thanks and I hope you finish all the things you plan to do before 2006 ends. =) Have a blast, girl! =)

  15. bakit may question mark yung blog? hehe. cvery busy ka pala base na rin sa mga nabanggit mo sa itass.

    merry christmas ivan.

  16. [iskoo] - ? san po merong ?

    mejo busy. next month super busy...hehehe.

    happy holidays din sa iyo. =)


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