Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday Morning Blues

Dear Me,

I thought I would be having a good Friday morning. Hmp. I was informed an hour ago that the 3-days vacation leave I filed would be considered VL without pay. I was told that I should have filed it beforehand. I know that, for goodness' sake. Didn't she understand the part that it was such an unexpected trip - given the fact that my flight ticket was confirmed a few hours before the day of my flight??? We are just a small company and it would really be nice if she gives me a little consideration. I know it is my fault but I surely would like her to give me some credit once in a while.

I shouldn't have told her in the first place about my trip to Singapore. I told her something different then but I took it back two (2) days after because I felt guilty. For being honest, this is what I get.

That really sucks big time and inside me, I want to be irritated. My, my, my! My 3-days pay that is supposed to go to my credit card payments went poof. Yeah, gone with the wind. Blasted.

From now on, I vow to be different here at work. I promise to follow the rules no matter how absurd they may be. I am also expecting myself to be a little aloof from now on. My secrets are mine and no one has the right to pester me with information. I don't care the hell if you die because of curiosity.


  1. Lessons learned is very valueable, but I do understand your feelings about this spesific event. Three days off, why should the employer need to know where and what?

  2. Ivan,

    Long time na di ba. You're not the only disgruntled employee here so don't feel bad. Others have it worse.


  3. Wah sayang! Pero tuloy ka sa Singapore? Enjoy enjoy! May itenirary ka na?


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