Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #13

Dear Me,

It has been such a long, long time since I joined T13. It's my Thursday 13's entry #13. =)

My Thirteen Favorite Authors At The Moment (English)

(1) Clive Cussler
(2) Sophie Kinsella
(3) James Patterson
(4) Patricia Cornwell
(5) Paolo Coelho
(6) Dean Koontz
(7) Dan Brown
(8) John Grisham
(9) Jane Austen
(10) Nicholas Sparks
(11) Amy Tan
(12) Louisa May Alcott
(13) Marian Keyes

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  1. Thanks for stopping by.

    I have just finished a Clive Cussler book and I like Grisham also.

  2. Excellent list! I love Dean Koontz too.

  3. [vic grace & nan] - thanks for visiting! till the next t13. =)

    i am more into cussler's books. i just love dirk pitt's adventures. =)


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