Monday, July 9, 2007

Sweet Tooth

Dear Me,

I am having such an enormous craving for sweets at my current state. I always get this warning from my hubby and mother and even the doctor that too much sweet will affect my delivery.

My 2nd OB said that I am small and it seems like the baby is getting bigger in my womb.

My 1st OB prescribed
Anmum Materna for my daily milk intake. I chose the milk flavor because during the first few months of my pregnancy, I had this unexplainable dislike for chocolates (to think that I love them when I was single). The chocolates made me vomit.

Later on, papi suggested why not try the Anmum choco flavor? If I don't like it, then it's ok. Well, I did. Sure thing, I love the taste. It is sweet and I don't have to throw up or anything.

My 2nd OB changed my milk prescription late last month. She said that it wasn't good that I was enjoying my choco-milk too much. I still have a few months to go before my due and the baby is growing fast inside me. She kept on emphasizing that I am a small woman with a baby like that. Hmp.

She said I had to shift to a low-fat or non-fat milk. Right now, I am gulping a glass of
Anchor every morning. It doesn't taste as good and yummy as Anmum. *sigh*

Anyway, I can't help it. The sweets are totally irresistible. Ice cream, Chips Delight, chocolates. Hehehe. I try to treat myself with it in moderation. Sometimes, I reach the goal but sometimes, I fail. Temptation. =)

For substitution, I am looking forward to making this one this coming weekend. I still have to go to the supermarket to purchase the ingredients. Why don't you try making this one for your family and friends? Tell me how does it taste and I'll tell you mine as well. =)

Mocha Magnifico

2 250 ml Nestle All-Purpose cream
1/2 cup Carnation condensed milk
1 tbsp Nescafe Classic dissolved in
1 tbsp hot water
14 pcs graham crackers
10 pcs choco wafer sticks, crushed

1. Mix together the cream, condensed milk and the dissolved Nescafe Classic.

2. Layer graham crackers on a square glass or aluminum container.

3. Spread about 1/2 cup of the coffee-cream mixture on top of the graham crackers and sprinkle with crushed choco wafer sticks.

4. Sandwich the filling with another layer of graham crackers and finish with the remaining cream mixture.

5. Chill before serving.

It will only take 15 minutes to prepare. Recommended chilling time is 4 hours. Makes 8-20 servings.

The procedure is just like making the
Mango Float in my last entry. It sounds so yummy and sweet but I guess there will be a problem for me. The coffee part. Sheesh. I am not allowed to have a taste of it since it is bad for the baby. Hmm. Maybe I can sneak just a couple of bites? Hehehe. Temptation.

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