Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Why I Blog

Dear Me,

Trinity has tagged me. My apologies if this has taken so long to be posted. I've been very busy with the baby and the house. *winks*

Anyway, so why do I blog? I blog for the many reasons other people blog. But basically, I blog because:
  • I want to stay connected with the outside world (through blogging, I learn and discover stuff I don't know about
  • I can keep tabs with old friends whom I haven't seen for quite a while due to the hecticness of our own lives
  • I gain new friends and learn more about them AND
  • I love to scribble my weird thoughts and musings, rants and raves

Well, there you go. =) Now, I'm tagging five (5) blog friends (in case they haven't done this yet) and share why do they blog.

The guidelines for posting is c/o Monday Morning Power.

**Start Copy Here**

We have a voice;
We must be heard;
Therefore we blog;
Now spread the word!

This directory is based on a recent post that was conducted asking the question “Why do you Blog?” and the rewrite “Why do you Blog? - Reworked.” The purpose of this directory is to tell our tales by spreading the reasons that we blog to as many sites as possible. We get to explain ourselves, direct traffic to our site and highlight our most important, most representative or most relevant post in an SEO favorable format. This will be a positive experience for everyone who wants to get involved. This will enable you to create a short advertisement for your site that will be spread across the blogesphere; a growing directory of blogs.

This is an open directory. You do not have to be tagged to join in. All you have to do is follow the rules.

Please let me know when you have added your site by leaving a comment on “Master List” with a link to your post. This will insure an up-to-date list, giving you even greater distribution. You then need to copy the growing list back to your site on a regular bases.


1. Copy this post from the very beginning through **End List Directory** and place it in your archives (back date it so that it does not appear on your front page. This list is too long for your front page.) Title this post "Spread The Word" Directory

2. Copy from "**Start Copy Here**" through "**End Copy Here**"

3. Paste into a new post

4. Create an inventive post title

5. Write a brief introduction to the post.

6. Before “**End copy here**”, please add your name, site name (with link), a very brief description (2-3 sentences) of why you blog, and your most important, most representative, or most relevant post (with link.)

7. Create a link from the end of your new post to your archived Directory (Ex. "Click here for complete directory")

8. Tag others to participate. This is a request, not a requirement.

9. Leave a comment and a link to your post on “Master List.” That way I can grab your addition and add it to this growing list.

10. Schedule regular visits to the "Master List" so you can copy/paste into your archive, keeping your list current.

**End Copy Here**

Do call me Ivan and I blog at Dear Me. Why the title? It's like the typical dear diary when I was younger and got ahold of a cute pen and an adorable journal where I love to write my thoughts down.


PS. I would love to include the box but I don't have much time to copy them with all those links.


  1. dear Ivan, thank you for doing this tag... have you visit the master list and leave Mel a comment?

    You just need to copy paste the link on the master list, no need to edit them at all, dear.. :-)

    I think Mel will get here soon!

    See you, hugs for your baby...:-)

  2. [trinity] - nope, haven't visited the site yet.

    I'll do that. =)


  3. Hi Ivan,
    I had to add just a little to your paragraph. You forgot to include a link back to your site.

    You are now on the master list. As a participant there are two actions that you can do to help keep this alive:
    1) Help, where you can, in getting more sites to participate. Adding the “Spread the Word” button to your sidebar is a great way of doing this (available on my site.)
    2) Update your post, in archive, with the complete master list on a regular basis. It is this process that will entice other sites to participate and maximize the benefits for everyone. You will see, at the beginning of the master list, instruction on how to maintain this growing directory in archives. This list is at the point of being much too long for a front page post.

    Thank you for participating!

  4. [monday morning power] - thanks for the feedback. i'll do just that. =)

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It is always refreshing to know what is in your mind. Thanks!