Friday, November 16, 2007

My Blog Has Been Hatched!

Dear Me,

I have been meaning to return the favor to these three people who have thoughtfully shared a space with me in their blogs while I was away for a short while.

First on the list is my gratitude of appreciation to
Tere who passed this award to me.

The Egel Nest Blog Award was started by Bradley Egel in his desire to show his thankful recognition of other people's generosity and love.

To dear Tere, thank you for giving me a spot and in return, I am passing this, too. As you said, spread the love around! =)


  1. ei Ivan, maraming salamat :) my second time na matanggap tong regalong to :)

    malaki na ba ang tummy? :) or nakapanganak na?

    ingat lagi... australia na naman yung ip mo :)

  2. thanks a million, ivan. it is very unexpected that's why it's extra special.

  3. [melai] - i gave birth na po last October 5th. hehehe. :)

    australia? ei, nasa Pinas ako.

    [evi] - it's my pleasure actually. :)

  4. naku may tag pala ako dito
    sorry, pero i don't do tags and meme there in my blog unless it's travel related to stick to my theme. hope you understand

    congrats pala for being a mother na

  5. btw, may nangha-harrass sa akin sa blog ko that's why I removed my chatbox and moderated all comments.


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