Saturday, November 17, 2007

PhotoHunt: I Love _____

Dear Me,

This is my 5th time (missed lots) to join
TNChick's Photohunt.

Started by her in March 2006, the Photohunt would present a theme every Saturday. Participants should post a photo that best represents the theme. Photos should come from the participant's personal collection and those not snitched from the web.

So what do I love aside from chocolates, french fries, coleslaw? I love buying bags (I love collecting bags in general) like those in the photo. Everytime I travel, I try to buy a new bag as colorful as those. =)

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  1. Great shot for the theme. Mines is up as well. Happy photo hunting!

  2. You took a great photo of your passion!

  3. Those are pretty bags. Very colorful. Have a wonderful weekend!
    Come visit.

  4. We have lots of those bags here in Davao only they seem so expensive especially those sold at Aldevinco. Anyway, tourists here love to buy those kinds of bags. Am glad you like those bags. My entries are here if you got time to visit my homes:
    Tere's World
    Blessings in LIfe

  5. [everyone] - thanks for commenting & visiting my Photohunt. I love collecting and using bags depending on my mood. =)

    [tere] - what i bought in Aldevinco were mostly trinkets, accessories, malong and colorful sarongs.. =)


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