Tuesday, April 29, 2008


She Says, He Says

The idea is that any of these: a question, fill in the blank, multiple choices, photo or a writing prompt will be posted here. Express your thoughts in your blog and feel free to leave a link to your blog with your answers when you're done. Anyone can hop in and join the fun every Tuesday! =)

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What is your regular day like?

I'm a SAHM now so my day consists of taking care of my baby boy, tidying up the entire house, preparing food, hauling dirty laundry in the washing machine, watching tv, checking my inboxes at night, reading a good book.

Yep, a typical day for a mom in the house! :)


Hope you can share your answers in your blog and leave your links here. See yah!


  1. sis nagawa ko na dito :) thanks sa invitation :)

  2. whew! busy day, huh! me? i usually arrive at the office at 6:30am and from then to 5pm, i'm in front of my pc, researching, writing and intoxicating my mind with the most information possible. busier db?

  3. Ihave gone that kind of torment. tyaga, tyaga lang. soon barkada mo na sila.

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  5. "Bonjour de France" , where it's sunny and warm today 8)

    Have a good day ;)

  6. will write on my site! miss yah!


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