Saturday, August 2, 2008

Loving Violets & Bags

Dear Me,

I can't control myself from indulging into a whim when it's all about
BAGS and VIOLETS. I love them both aside from books. If it's something in the hues and shades of the color violet, whether it's a bag, blouse, dress, box, bead accessories, fancy stuff, I need to have it. Pronto.

A combination of my two (2) favorite things in the world is deadly. Hehehe.

I didn't think twice when I saw this violet bag. My sister, who was shopping with me for a formal wear told me that she saw the same bag somewhere and that it was a lot cheaper than the one I was ogling at.

I made excuses that the one she probably saw may either be already sold out or not the same quality I was holding then. She insisted, even trying to make me feel that I would soon regret buying it.

Well, I didn't. I mean, I still bought the big, violet bag and not regretted it.

my current favorite bag

Aside from being violet, the bag is functional for me. Instead of sporting a diaper bag to stuff in Miguel's baby needs whenever we go out, I utilize this bag. I know it's big but it does look fashionable to me. :)

So tell me, do you love bags and what do you like about them? Or do you have a particular bag you really, really like? Do tell....:)

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  1. love your bag! ganda tlaga ng purple. it looked better kasi combined sa white. classy.

    i love bags, too. i hoard them, thats why i very very rarely go for branded ones. yung classic black or brown lang ang pinag-iinvestan talaga. as for the rest, i go for size and color, para pwede materno sa damit at mga accessories na proudly found and bought in 168 :) i love big bags kasi, just like you, isang lagayan na lang mga things. tsaka i'm on the chubby side kaya ang sagwa naman kung ang liit ng bag ko hehehe. even my even purses are kinda big pa rin :)


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