Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Morning Musings

Dear Me,

I kinda woke up early today. I got up while both hubby and baby were dreaming in slumber land.

I was hoping for a sunny day but I could hear the soft tap-tap of the rain in the rooftop. I did some chores and fixed myself a mug of milk. Afterwards, I faced my laptop and checked my inboxes. I had a little chat with
Jovee, too.

Miguel and hubby were sleeping soundly.

While sipping my milk (I opted to drink milk instead of coffee because I was expecting my baby to breastfeed from me soon), the tapping of the rain grew louder. I could even hear the wind howling.

Well, it stopped for an hour.

Now, it's back again. This time, the wind and the rain are doing their rejoicing in tandem.

Some thoughts are going inside my head while I'm sitting here.

  • I ought to finish today's intended task.

  • I am really hoping that the weather will improve this afternoon so I can indulge myself in a book-buying spree in Diliman! I love books, just so you'll know. :)

  • Didn't I ever mention that I won two (2) tickets to the screening of the movie, The Alps?

  • Sometimes, it's too much wanting to surf other blogs. This hobby is so addicting especially if you want to read all of them. I can't keep track.

  • I have a secret to tell. As much as I love reading books, I haven't hopped in yet in the Stephanie Meyer craze. But I think my curiosity got piqued by this article in the New York Times. I'm gonna make sure to acquire all her books. :)

  • I've been seeing this widget on most blogs. It's called EntreCard. I wanted to read but I prefer that someone explain it to me. Can someone enlighten me with all the hype it's creating?

  • The recent news that a scientist named Bruce Ivins committed suicide as he was suspected in the 2001 anthrax attacks in the US reminded me of the tv series, 24. Follow-up articles here, here and here gave me goosebumps.

  • On another note, 24 is expected to air Season 7 by January 2009. That's too long...*sigh* I miss the riveting action and Jack Bauer , of course.


  1. mommy ivan!!! it's been a while since i dropped by here. good to know all's well with you.

    yup do try stephenie meyer. frankly hindi ako masyado crazy over the twilight series as novels but i am hooked to it because of the characters! you will appreciate them.

    and alam mo ba, ngayon everytime i see any margaret truman or clive cussler book anywhere, ikaw na nareremember ko. :)

  2. hi girl! its been a while since i got here again.. but your link is at my blog so id never lose you..

    so you live near diliman? gee.. i studied there for a while. and i work nearby! haha.. ok a few minutes away.. anyway i am also curious about that entrecard thing but i guess im skeptic at the same time. esp to those earn while you blog thing. i cant even get my pop up thingy from adbrite to disappear for i lost my password there.

    anyway same like you, i am so addicted to blogging i cant get to all the blogs i wanna go to in a day. 8D


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