Saturday, August 2, 2008

PhotoHunt: Clouds

Dear Me,

I hope it won't rain hard today. I'm planning to spend the rest of the day out with the family. Aside from doing the typical weekend chores, there's a birthday party to attend to later in the afternoon.

And if it really won't be such a bad day today, I, together with the family will be going to a place where books abound. Yipee!

Today's theme is a favorite! I love looking at CLOUDS. Everytime I look at them, they bring a certain tranquil in my mind. They exude an aura of lightness inside and around me. I feel carefree, no worries at all (even just for a little while).

Most of the time, I see the beauty of clouds whenever I go mountainclimbing - either during between treks or resting already in the campsite. But I also view clouds whenever I'm in the beach.

All nine (9) photos below were taken during my last climb in
Mt. Apo in 2006. Located in Davao, this mountain is the highest peak in the Philippines.

And my most favorite:

So, what about you? Do seeing clouds mean anything to you? Hope you'll share it with me. :)

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  1. wow lovely cloud photos, and i was amazed with one of them , it looks like a thick smoke


  2. Oh wow, I was going to pick a fave but I simply can't! They are all FAB. Such yummy cloud shots.

  3. I started on comment 241 and am working my way up...I love to visit all these different places...we are all under the same sky..

    Rambling Woods

  4. Beautiful array of clouds you've here ;)

  5. What a series of cloud photo's. I'm with tnchick. Hard to pick a favorite. All those shots in one day! Must have been a great day!

    (thanks for the comments and visit, much appreciated)

  6. excellent photo's cool collection!
    thanks for visiting mine :-)


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