Monday, August 4, 2008

Manic Monday #7

Dear Me,

*sigh* There's so much to read and I just can't focus. Books, blogs, etc. Hmm.

Using no more than 10 nouns, and ONLY nouns, describe yourself.
~~ I'm a:
  1. mother,
  2. wife
  3. daughter
  4. sister
  5. bibliophile
  6. mountaineer,
  7. bag-aholic
  8. traveler
  9. cafe-holic
  10. blogger.

If you owned your own store, what would you sell?
~~ If I can have my own way, it can be any of this:
  • books
  • outdoor stuff for mountaineers and other sports I engage in
  • bags with designs that fascinate me (no signature brands, please)
  • coffee and frappuccino

If you were to name the most comforting thing for you to hold in your hands, what would it be?
~~ If it's a thing, it's got to be a good book or my mug of coffee! :)

Join the fun here.

Have a pleasant week!

1 comment:

  1. I liked your post, Ivan Girl. Having a book store would be great, and I really liked the idea of a coffee shop! :-)

    Thanks for dropping by, have a great week!


It is always refreshing to know what is in your mind. Thanks!