Friday, October 10, 2008

Buy A Friend A Book (BAFAB) Week: Giveaway

Dear Me,

I missed participating in the official
Buy A Friend A Book (BAFAB) Week! I was too preoccupied with a lot of things.

What is BAFAB?

This site encourages visitors to surprise their friends with the gift of books during four annual "Buy a Friend a Book Weeks" -- the first weeks of every January, April, July, and October.

Celebrating BAFAB is easy. Just get yourself to a real-life or virtual book store during Buy a Friend a Book Week (the first weeks of January, April, July, and October) and, well, buy a friend a book! But here's the fun part: you can't buy your friend a book because it's their birthday or they just graduated or got engaged or had a baby or anything else. You have to give them a book for no good reason. In fact, this present out of the blue from you should shock the pants off of whomever you decide to give it to. And it'll make them happy. And that's the point: promote reading, promote friendships. Just make sure to let them know about Buy a Friend a Book Week, so they can spread the joy in turn.

In relation to this entry, I am catching up albeit it's already late.

To celebrate, I am giving away a book!

For quite a while, I had been thinking of what book to give; whether I would pick it from my collection or purchase a new one.

Well, I found this very nice book from the stack of books I had bought from the international book fair that I attended for 2 days.

Entitled "Life Is An Attitude: How To Grow Forever Better" by Dottie Billington, this book is an inspiring read.

Gold Medal Winner of the 2001 National Mature Media Award for best book.

You have the power to create the life you want. The person you become next year -- or ten years from now -- is up to you! You can become the gloriously vital person you were meant to be. You can reach into every precious corner of your soul to liberate all your hidden potential -- to radiantly blossom forth, fully yourself.

This book guides you through that process, offering 46 inspiring ways to make the rest of your life the most dynamic and fulfilling of all. The author shares eye-opening secrets of the exceptionally vital, effective, ever-growing people she studied -- attitudes and techniques you can adopt for yourself.

You'll Learn How To:
  • Discover and live your passion
  • Create satisfying relationships and friendships
  • Deflate your problems by massaging them
  • Develop superb communication skills
  • Exercise your body and your brain
  • Cultivate a winning attitude and much more!

For me, it's a book to be treasured. I have fun reading it. Going through the pages made me realize that I could have a very fulfilling life. It's ultimately inspiring and uplifting. Anyone who reads this delightful book can relate to the personal examples passionately shared by Billington. It is also a great, helpful book to read especially when you feel like negative about life.

Win it!
  • Mention in comments before midnight of October 17, Friday how you view life in a positive way.

  • A random winner will be drawn from the pool of eligible comments and shall be notified by email on October 18, Saturday.

  • Winner shall reply within 72 hours for his/her shipping address. I will pick a new recipient of this book if the winner fails to respond.

  • Provide your name and a valid email address (needed in case you win).

For extra entries:
  • blog about this book giveaway with a link back here.

  • subscribe to my blog updates via email (on top of my chatbox).

This contest is open to both local and international readers.

Thank you for visiting my blog. :)


  1. "I view LIFE not as an enemy but a giver of experience that is worth living specially when share with people you LOVE."

    Pinay Mommy Online
    ruby at pinaymommyonline dot com

    Valid ba ito? Hehehehe... ^_^

  2. Wow! I love books. Books for me is tantamount to an adventure. I've been to the pits of Mt. Doom and to the Forest of Narnia just reading. I'd like to think books gives us a perspective not just of different places but of different personalities as well... equipping us with insights that are really useful in real life.

    I view life in the same way--an adventure to experience and an education waiting to happen. And I'd like to think, the fun doesn't stop until the very last page. :)

    --Arthur (

  3. That topic is sort of hard, especially for a pessimist like me. Well, life's been very good to me lately and I literally use the positive (+) sign as a "positive" view: I add up all the blessings, keep it in a sacred place in my cerebrum, revisit the nook when life sucks and then I start to look forward to blessings again. Simple but effective, "Everything in life is only for now."

  4. Densio somehow beat me to that first line, which would have been my opening as well.

    I've been known to take life in stride, no matter what it throws at me, good or bad. That is how I view life in a positive way. I know that even in the direst of situations, there's going to be something good that will come out of them, so I chalk them up with experience and proceed. Things go up and things go down, and what I do is move on, meet the challenges head on, and surpass them (hopefully with a smile on my face, heh). I intend to enjoy my life because, as Bugs Bunny puts it, "You'll never get out alive." ;)

    (Somehow, the whole thing still came out negatively, eh? Haha!)

    Email address is ;)

    BTW, did you go to yesterday's book discussion? I wanted to go, but couldn't. Sad. And I really borrowed pa a xeroxed copy from someone in Laguna just to read it, LOL.

  5. Thanks for alerting the BM forum to this, Ivan Girl!
    How generous of you!
    When I'm going through hard times, I remember what my mom told me when I was dumped by my first boyfriend:
    "This too shall pass."
    and "Time heals."
    Because it is true! Now I look back with new perspective and I'm glad things happened the way they did.
    I've learned so much from it.

    My email is and my BM ID is amwmsw04.
    Thanks and happy reading,

  6. Hi Ivan Girl: Here's my entry.
    Thanks for the contest!

    I feel what is lacking on Earth is the ability to trust that the process can only proceed within positive outcomes once it is released to act within and upon itself. Have we realized that thought released to act upon itself will return in manifestation glorified and in a form more magnificent than the limited focused mind can imagine. It works.
    Creation is exciting, adventurous, opportunistic and positive, moving not upon long and exacting plans, but within a fluid and expansive mode. It moves within a creative stance that allows for enhancement of individual and collective experience rather than suppression and destruction.
    Attraction, intention and allowance leading to balance through application within my experience is like working on a doctorate in positivity which leads to a happier, saner way of life culminating in a better world for us all!
    My email address is:

  7. Hi Iven girl.

    I always try to see both sides of every argument. If you learn to accept someone for who they are, it makes life so much easier.



  8. I love books like this one!!!
    The way I view life in a positive way is that when I'm down, that means the only way I can go is up!
    God never gives us more than we can handle. And everything happens for a reason!
    Thank you for this offer!!
    darbyscloset at yahoo dot com

  9. Hello, Ivan Girl - Your baby is cute and fluffy - and that´s how I´d like to see life! I think just living every moment, replying to colorful ideas and ressoning with universe is the way to live life. And yes, making up new words is part of... Hugs, Yone

  10. Perhaps I'd like to share this comment that was given by a college friend of mine who reminded me how to live life as I should. It really inspired me because it says about how I had lived my life in the past and the current situation I got into caught me off the hook.

    "Fall in love or fall in hate. Get inspired or be depressed. Ace a test or flunk a class. Make babies or make art. Speak the truth or lie and cheat. Dance on tables or sit in the corner. Life is divine chaos. Breathe... and enjoy the ride!!! ---my friend.. things in life are not the same as how it was when we were in college.. and yes, there will be innumerable bumps on the road and a lot more people who will drive you crazy! but never forget to enjoy every second of it... everyday is a learning experience. We can't help but get better everyday.. How's that eh? hehehe! I miss you! Mwah! ^_^"

    And so I replied back, "Yeah I agree. It's a matter of survival and yet I'll choose to enjoy life according to my terms. Thanks dear." It's good to find friends who keep you at your best shape.

    Life is a daring adventure, or nothing.
    - Helen Keller

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  12. hi, Ivan! I love to read books so I hope I win this one! Here's my entry.

    "Life begins when you decide to step out of your comfort zone," is my motto in life.

    I always view life in a positive way even when trials get into the way. For me, life is a sign that God is always giving us another chance to enjoy the beauty of the world and to make us appreciate the not-so-nice things amidst challenges and obstacles.

    I live life to the fullest even if it constitutes risks and responsibilities. When you stay in your comfort zone, it is not life actually. So why not take the risks and enjoy the ride? It is always fun to discover new things and try out new adventures.

  13. i view life positively because of all the good things that are out there, waiting for me to explore and experience.

    If the experience is bad, so be it, it's all part of the learning process and i'm glad to have lived my life in the best way that i can :)

  14. I'm a news writer. Life in the media is admittedly stressful, nerve-wrecking and taxing for my health. But this doesn't mean I'm not having fun with my work.

    Traveling to work is a good time for me because I can go anywhere I want to on my motorbike. If it rains, that means I don't have to wash the bike. If it's hot, the winds become cool and comfortable enough for me to drive through. No matter how tiring the trip is, I can always stop for a cigarette and a cold glass of Coke.

    Writing news articles *coughpropagandacough* for the government is not an easy task, but I endure it because I like the challenge. I see every article I write as a puzzle that needs to be solved in my own way, and when I finish writing one, I actually crave to write the next one until everything in my line-up. And when the newscast for the day end, that only means I can eat whatever I want and relax. (And yes, I snack as much as I want while working too, and it adds to the fun.)

    Going home is much better, because being on the road relaxes me at this point. Driving under the stars is most soothing with J-pop banging my eardrums. When I'm not driving, every trip home means I can stop by a good restaurant or a watering hole and grab a beer or a good dish to reward myself for a job well done. And when I arrive home, seeing my parents and hearing from my girlfriend caps my day.

    Just last night, I had an accident with my motorbike. When I told my girlfriend about it, she was genuinely worried, but I told her the fact that I survived without a bruise or scratch means I can celebrate by cooking that Korean noodle soup that's sitting in my ref.

    Lesson: I live a hard life, but I always find something positive in everything I experience. That's enough to make me believe that "everything will surely be all right."

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  16. WOW. thanks for this contest, Ivan girl. I think the book's a great read so although there's a very small chance for me to win, I decided I'll give it a try. :D

    So, how do I view life in a positive way?

    SIMPLE! I...

    "Always look on the bright side of life. :)"


    "..when life seems jolly rotten, there's something you've forgotten, and that's to laugh and smile and dance and sing! :)"

    -- yeah, I know.. those are lines from "Always look on the bright side of life" by Monty Python but it's just how I see things.. even the most crappy, shitty things that happen to me.. haha. Believe it or not, there will ALWAYS be a bright side!!! :D

    **thanks again!
    email add:

  17. My students are 7-8 years old and they keep me smiling. I am positive because I know it will make a difference in their life. Also, they make me give me hugs and say I love you everyday.

  18. Thanks, Ivan Girl, for tagging me about your book contest. How do I view life in a positive way? Countless ways but I just think of all the blessings God has given me and my family all these years and that perks me up. God is good all the time.


  19. I am always positive and upbeat and look for the bright side of things. I am pretty good at finding a silver lining, and I surround myself with positive people.

    This sounds like a great book, thanks for the chance to win!!


  20. My favorite quote is "It's never too late to be what you might have been." I keep that in mind when I'm feeling discouraged or down. Living my life the way that I want to makes me happy and fulfilled. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

    jgbeads AT gmail DOT com

  21. I view life in a positive way by following my dreams, daring to try new things, and finding contentment in the little things. I find a lot of happiness just spending time with my family.

  22. I like to view life as a web in which we are all connected, so every bit of positivity that I send out will eventually make its way back to me, and in the meantime, brighten the lives of others.

  23. Thanks for the chance to win such a lovely book! Not only would I like to read it, but I would like my oldest son to read the book, also. One of my sayings is that "If I didn't laugh, I would cry!" I try to change what I can in this world and hope that I am making a difference. If I can't help someone, I try not to hurt them. Every living thing deserves respect!
    Many thanks.....Cindi

  24. I subscribed to your newsletter. Thanks, Cindi

  25. This sounds like a beautiful book and I love the cover! The positive way i try to view life is by trying to remember we all have things that we can offer. I have struggled with depression from loosing several close family members and my career when we moved and i feel like i've really had to dig deep to find positive things are are hard to see at times. Every morning when i wake up i start my day with trying to make my family feel special and that i love them. It may fall apart later in the day but i make a special effort to show my family i care and love them. This book has so many wonderful things in it and feel like it would really help me for myself to make things a little easier. If i can't win it I will be putting it on my wish list of books I think it's something everyone could use in their daily life is a better and positive attitude about life. Please enter me in your drawing.

  26. I believe that everything that happens to us happens FOR GOOD... whether it seems "not so good" at the moment it happened... usually, something good eventually comes out of it... and this has been proven time and again at different times in my life and those around me. It assures me that there is a bigger picture here and that as long as we do our best, God will do the rest.

  27. I believe and know that Laughter is Good Medicine! So lighten up,let the little things go so that you have the energy to handle the big issues!
    Elaine R


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