Sunday, October 5, 2008

Royce Chocolates

Dear Me,

My taste buds are craving for something. It's been quite a while since I tasted it.

It's another favorite of mine - one that makes me...well, me. Hehehe.

I love sweets and when you say sweets, I'm referring to chocolates. :)

It's not your ordinary chocolate for this one is quite expensive (is it still?) but owing to its delectable taste, I think the price is worth it.

Royce, a Japanese chocolate that has its beginnings in Hokkaido, Japan contains high quality cocoa powder making it slide and melt in your mouth. A heavenly bite leaves a rich chocolatey taste that lingers even after you had sinfully eaten the last delectable piece.

My first taste of it was when a Japanese friend gave it to me as a gift.

After devouring the entire box, I decided to check local shops and supermarkets if they carried the brand. Unfortunately, they didn't and for a long time, was not commercially available in this country but only in HK, Singapore (Suntec, Takashimaya) and of course, in Japan.

And I just discovered now that the said velvety brand of chocolate is right here in Manila.

Konbini Store
57 Connecticut Street
North Greenhills
San Juan

A box of Royce chocolate may contain 20 or 30 pieces (I can't recall exactly). It is carefully wrapped not only to protect the chocolates from moist or contamination but it is also packed in a presentable way exuding a notion of elegance like a gift. I think it is just befitting. :)

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  1. i see we share a vice! but that brand is new to me...must get some :D

  2. Buti naman meron na dto sa Manila. I love yung chocolate-covered potato chips, it's really to die for :) Kaya pag pumupunta ako ng Singapore eh I always buy dun sa Suntec nung potato chips na yun.


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