Thursday, October 2, 2008

Links Around The World: Monthly Round-Up

Dear Me,

Aside from my usual vices of books and bags (two vices left ever since I became a mom), I have blogged and surfed the virtual world fervently.

As a frustrated writer, I have shifted my attention to writing a journal from my 'kikay' diary to this small, thin box-like thing called laptop that connects me to the whole world.

As much as I love to transmit my thoughts via the old school, I grew fond of typing those keys away as fast as my fingers could.

On the side, I have traveled around the world and meet new friends online. In fact, I felt fascinated with all the things going around me.

Not only that, I came across with a lot of current, significant, relevant, meaningful and sometimes hilarious information that pertain to every aspect of human life - needs or wants or every caprice we may have.

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