Friday, October 3, 2008

They're Back!

Dear Me,

When September and October pop in my calendar, I know that my favorite American tv series are back on the air with a new, refreshing, more exciting seasons to offer.

Looking back, the finales were always depressing and making me hate the producers for subjecting me in agony and gloom of what would happen next and if that would be the last season. Don't you just loathe that kind of feeling?

I was so sad deep inside when
NCIS: Season 5 ended with the dissolution of Special Agent Jethro Gibbs's team. Despite their own quirks, they were already a family. I felt great remorse for everyone, especially for Ziva. Do you think something romantic will sprung up from both DiNozzo and Ziva?

The new director,
Vance, is up to something in his sleeve. My curiosity is piqued when he shredded a document in his office.

I am also loving the new
Special Agent Gibbs. Something has changed in him. He exudes a little bit of warmth and caring(?) to every member of his team...just like a father to his offspring. :)

Season 6 is on!

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