Sunday, October 19, 2008

October 2008 Read-A-Thon: Hour 24

Dear Me,

I thought I wouldn't be able to post this before the 24th hour ends but I counted wrong.

Anyway, the last book I had read, which was also the 1st in my list was a good one.

Written by
Kim Anderson, To My Sister depicts the bond of what sisters should be.

I have a sister and we sort of grew apart back then. Unlike other sister siblings I knew, my sister and I never had that type of closeness. We had different personalities, likes and dislikes as well as perspective in life. In short, we're opposites.

I used to envy other people who loved their siblings like that and who loved them back, too.

So when I read this book, I felt guilty because I couldn't do nor practice what
Anderson had written.

I am willing to make amends for this book has spoken my thoughts. :)


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