Thursday, November 27, 2008

Alice In Paris

Dear Me,

I'm not an art aficionado but I love the beauty of art just the same. As everyone knows it, art appeals to our senses and emotions thereby appreciation. Although art encompasses a lot of forms, it is mostly the visual arts that appeal to us.

Painting is one type of visual arts. It has been used as a mode of expression and the craft itself is so diverse in nature.

Anyway, I'm drooling over
Shelagh Duffett's wonderful creations. Residing in Nova Scotia in Canada, Shelagh is an admirable painter and photographer. She also loves Paris like I do!

Here are my selected favorite paintings of hers:

Yellow Flowers Blue Vase

Road Trip

Yellow Seaside Cottage

And my most favorite:

Book and Friends Go Together

The original paintings above and the rest of her works in her etsy shop have already found new homes around the world. What she's offering are prints of the original artworks.

Aside from painting, she also loves capturing snapshots around her

Shelagh Duffett also blogs at Alice In Paris Loves Art And Tea.

Pop by at her place and view her bright and colorful art pieces. :)


Frances said...

What beautiful paintings!
Thanks for sharing.
Waving at you from New York.
Your blog buddy,

Kari said...

I think I like the last one best. I love the beautiful bold colors. Very pretty!

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