Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Clear Black Night Experience

Dear Me,

This was my enchantingly beautiful (because of the shade of purple color of the box) invite to the
Clear Black Halloween Bloggers' Dance Party held last October 31st, 7:00pm at Taste Asia, SM Mall Of Asia.

It was a great, fun Halloween evening party! Sponsored by Clear, the venue, Taste Asia absolutely looked like a place I haven't stepped into for the longest time...a disco (the modern-type, of course) bar with all those flashing-bobbing fancy lights.

I had my hubby and my sister and his boyfriend and the boyfriend's sister tagged along with me. Could you also believe that I brought my 1 year-old boy with us? Hehehe.

Anyway, we all came in black as it was a Halloween party and I was expecting a night of smiles, laughter and chat. It was a pleasant evening for me because I got to see some people I would love to meet for the first time and those I haven't seen for quite a while. I also took this chance to bond with my hubby and baby.

It was a bloggers' Halloween party! I was hoping for a costume party but the organizers just wanted it in black. Actually, I wasn't in a bouncy spirit that day because of the off-and-on weather. I was also rushing to find a decent black blouse but I couldn't find any for I had sort of outgrown those that I had after I gave birth to my boy. I just grabbed the casual black tee that my eyes first laid on.

If it was a costume bash and given the time to prepare, I would have arrived as a vampire or a witch. I had been wanting to dress up like these characters ever since. I even dreamed and wished to be either of those two given the chance by Count Dracula or the Black Wicked Witch.

Aside from the black get-ups, masks were also provided by the organizers. We chose the black ones.

Great party, finger-licking yummy food, tasty drinks and yes, there were a lot of things to see! Beautiful faces and...bodies! Hahaha! There were attractive-looking female and male models as well as lovely Ms. Earth contestants who graced this bloggers' party! I was *dreaming* of having a photo taken with one of the good-looking male model. HAHAHA! :)

that's hubby, baby & moi

that's my son, Miguel

my sister & her boyfriend

sister of my sister's boyfriend and moi

meeting for the 1st time: UP schoolmate, Edel

meeting for the 1st time: blogger friend from UP, Nice

Ryu's sister, moi and mountaineering pal, Carol

Clear, the newest shampoo to hit the town gives you the solution to dandruff problems & have the confidence to move closer anytime and everytime. It provides scalp care by nourishing and refreshing your scalp thereby hindering dandruff from coming back.

Who would want to be embarrassed by dandruff falling off down to your black outfit - where everything is black around you and tiny white specks sparkling on your shoulders?? Nobody! So, switch off to Clear Black and dance the night away with a confidence in your hair and body!

I would say I was satisfied how the night ended for I was able to spend time with my hubby and baby, meet old and new friends alike. :)

A great thank you to Unilever, SM Hypermarket and Ms. Aileen Apolo for a fantastic Halloween evening!


Vhessa said...

That was cool! Sana nakapunta ako, mukhang ang saya pa naman.

It's nice that you've met some bloggers.

Nicely said...

At long last, the pictures were uploaded! Wahahaha! Nice meeting you to Ivan Girl. I enjoyed the party, too.

Nicely said...

At long last, the pictures were uploaded! Wahahaha! Nice meeting you too Ivan Girl. I enjoyed the party rin.

Edelweiza said...

nice meeting and chatting with you ivan. nga pala, ginrab ko tong photo natin.thanks! see yah around! :)

Ivan Girl said...

vessa, will inform you next time. Hope you'll come with us.

nice & edel, 'twas great meeting you both!

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