Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dinner Feast

Dear Me,

I enjoyed last Friday night's dinner. The food my hubby brought home was a delight to my palate. He placed an order to a resto in Makati for a take-home treat.

(I learned about this fabulous resto back when I was still a corporate slave in Makati. We usually celebrate our birthdays by ordering food from restaurants near our vicinity. One of our foreign superiors who had come to love Filipino food ordered some dishes. We were all satisfied because it was so delicious.)

Actually, I only requested him to order this yummy-tasting dessert called
'pichi-pichi.' If you're wondering what is pichi-pichi, it is one of the Filipinos' favorite dessert. Originally rooted from the province of Quezon, this sweet treat is made of coconut and cassava.

When I first tasted it, I couldn't stop devouring the remaining pieces that I didn't share it with anyone. Hahaha! *greedy grin*

I just couldn't describe how delectable it tasted and how smooth it was in my mouth. Promise, it's so tsalap to the taste! Soft, smooth and cheezy (although even without the cheese sprinkles, the pichi-pichi will still taste deliciously appealing) --- reasons why you would find yourself craving for more (as I did)!

I was satisfied with having pichi-pichi for dessert but hubby also ordered these:

lumpia - so crunchy!

pork BBQ - tender juicy!

Just in case you find yourself salivating and wanting to try them out (especially their yummylicious
pichi-pichi), you can order them at:

Amber Golden Plate Restaurant
1324 Filmore corner Emilia Streets
Barangay Palanan, Makati City
T#: 886-13-13 / 884-2454 (they also have other contact numbers)

Aside from serving their specialized Pancit Malabon and pichi-pichi, Amber also offers a selection of noodles, pork/chicken/seafood/beef and vegetable dishes that are great to the palate and friendly to the pocket! :)

Amber also has it all: a dine-in and take-home counter, delivery services, catering services for all types of occasions regardless of capacity.

So if you will be having a meeting or a mini-celebration at the office or a party in the house or elsewhere, or you simply want a meal for lunch or dinner with your officemates or friends,
I recommend Amber!


  1. uy masarap nga dyan sa amber! :D

  2. Everything looks so delicious! I'm fond of some unusual dishes and every time I have a wish I cook something special.

  3. jovee, how's everything? you seem busy. treat mo kaya kami sa amber? hehehe.

    jenna, hope you can try it out. they taste yummy. :)

  4. AMBER's pichi pichi is my fave!! try their spaghetti too :D


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