Thursday, November 13, 2008

Heavenly Feeling

Dear Me,

I still get the same high when I splurge in the malls, especially in the bookstores. I can spend hours and hours just looking and peeking through the shelves. I can pass away time just by checking a book's front cover for its beauty and interest; its back cover for reading its synopsis or blurb.

It will take me a day to gather and decide from the pile of books I have chosen, which I will purchase as I take into consideration my budget (although most of the time, I break my allowed budget for books). Simply, there are lots of books I love to covet. Despite the fact that I still have a Mt. Everest of books to read, nothing (not even a limited budget) can deter me from going home without a newly-bought book in hand.

Aside from
National BookStore, I have learned to frequent various branches of BookSale. It can be said a bibliophile's heaven when it comes to low-priced books. Although I sometimes get disappointed with some books because of the demeaning appearance (that's what you get for cheap-cost books), I am somehow fortunate to pick up books as good steals. They look clean and new.

Here are my latest finds:

Aside from the two (2) books posted above (Skipping Chrismas by John Grisham and Hatchet by Gary Paulsen), I haven't found the time yet to sit down and read the rest of my newly-bought books.

What are your latest book purchases?


Edelweiza said...

ang dami mo nga pala tlgang books ano..hehe.kakatuwa. wala akong bagong biling book ngayon, pero mukhang feel ko tapusin bsahin ang lvoe in time of cholera ni gabriel garcia marquez...swerteng pinahiram ako ng sis ng bf ko. :)

Ivan Girl said...

BookSale is a place where you enter and leave with a book in hand. It's addictive. Hehehe.

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