Friday, January 30, 2009

Nobody Lives Forever: Book Review

Dear Me,

I read this book early this year because I was looking for some thrill and action and this book was just there standing in one of the shelves. My hubby bought this book for me during his book-hunting spree last year. He thought that since I'm into crime suspense/thriller genres, I would appreciate the works of
Edna Buchanan.

Nobody Lives Forever was the first book I read by this author.


Title: Nobody Lives Forever, mass market paperback
Author: Edna Buchanan
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.
Pub. Date: April 1992
ISBN-13: 9780821737125
Pages: 399
Genre: crime thriller, fiction

First Line: "Stepping into the night left him breathless, as if slipping into a black well."

Synopsis: With a brutal serial killer on the loose in Miami, homicide detective Rick Barrish and his partners, Mary Ellen "Dusty" Dustin and Jim Ransom, watch the corpses mount and discover startling truths about themselves.

My Thoughts: Reading the first few pages kinda already gave me a rough assumption of the turn of events in the plot. Author Buchanan should not have made it so obvious so early in the story about Laurel's mental health problems. Revealing it had provided me the notion of existing connections of the other subplots in the story linking entirely to Laurel.

I was expecting the average crime thriller type of book but what always popped to mind was the explicit declaration of relationship between Barrish and Laurel. I had nothing against those type of books but I just expected more basing on the plot.

Although not expecting a happy ending, I was a little turned-off when some of the main characters were terminated leaving Barrish alive and alone after all the ill events that came to pass.

Rating: 2/5 stars

Link: Official Website of Edna Buchanan


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