Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Year Trip Destination: Cebu (Part 1 - NAIA 3)

Dear Me,

It was early October that my hubby booked plane tickets to
Cebu online. The chosen airline was Cebu Pacific for we grabbed its timely promo offering.

our flight sked to Cebu

our roundtrip fare for 2 pax

The reason the family flew there was because we would be visiting my in-laws there. My hubby is a true-blue Cebuano and it had been quite a while since he set foot in his beloved hometown.

I was also excited in this trip because I missed Cebu. I haven't visited this wonderful place ever since I got pregnant with
Miguel. Honestly, I terribly miss the languid pace of life in the historic Mactan.

My father-in-law and my hubby's sisters were also longing to see Miguel for they had only laid eyes on him while he was still a few months old. Miguel's more than a year old now.

Toting six luggage and hand-carry bags, we bid goodbyes to my parents and sister and off we went, taxied to the new airport terminal: the
Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 or getting popularly known as T3.

Although Miguel had his very few firsts when it comes to traveling (he had been to Quezon and Pampanga), this trip to the Queen City of the South allowed him to experience his very first plane ride.

Months ago before the trip (upon learning that the new terminal had opened and was now catering to passengers), I sort of Googled this and found a number of not-so-very-pleasant and frustrating tales of encounters and experiences. So upon our arrival there, I had already set my heart for long queues and even intermittent flight delays.

Well, we didn't experience any irritation over queues for there had no long lines and no flight delays.

T3 was vast, bright, clear and clean. Apt signs were posted to direct and guide any lone passenger feeling lost in such a colossal setting. Flight information terminals abound and display monitors were big enough for the eyes to see. Security check was stricter and yet comfortable. A specific area of the terminal building was also designated for those welcoming and sending-off parties where they had accessed to the lobby, coffee shops, stores and restaurants.

Truth to be told, I could say that the new
T3 could be now considered to be at par with other international airports in the world.


kegler747 said...

What a cute family :) parang kelan lang you are blogging na pregnant ka tapos ngayon naglalakad na si Miguel. Have a great weekend!

Fran said...

true, true! Time really! :)

caryn said...

sayang, i never got to use T3 during my trip to manila last december, puros T1 and T2 ;-)

Fran said...

CARYN, I think if you travel back this year, you will be using T3 na. :)

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