18 April 2009

PhotoHunt: Purple

Dear Me,

When I saw this week's theme, I was exhilarated. Although I have other important things to do before leaving the house, I thought I need to join today's

PURPLE is today's royal theme!

purple books

my Mars and Venus in the Bedroom book by John Gray
little Miguel's Barney alphabet flash cards
little Miguel's chunky book about trucks

purple wallpaper for my laptop

purple backpack from TNF
{hubby's gift to me}

PURPLE is my all-time favorite color. Whenever I see such color, it enlightens my day by painting a smile on to my face. :)

I have a lot of
PURPLE stuff especially bags and blouses!

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  1. Lol, I had a feeling we would relate. I see you also love the colour purple and there's something about books in the previous post. Lol. I'll probably be back to read your blog often, too. ;-)

  2. Mars and Venus in The Bedroom, hmmm... looks like an interesting book! I love your purple wallpaper.

    Here's my entry for the week:

  3. WOW! You win this week, hands down! :p

    As soon as I saw your blog and its extreme PURPLE-NESS I knew I would see some great purple photos! Well done.

  4. Great collection for the theme.

  5. Nice variety of purple pictures.

  6. Purple is my favorite color as the shots you got!

    Got a few of my own "purple" shots posted as well. Stop by & visit

  7. Glad you posted before leaving the house,.. great choices.

  8. And you've got a purple background on your blog! How appropriate!

    I also love purple and found all kinds of purple things for this week.

  9. Wow, I guess you really love purple including your new layout. Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Great collection of purple!

  11. You have a terrific purple background at your blog, too! I did purple, too. I hope you have time to see!

  12. Well. I love purple too. I am amazed at how many photohunters find this to be their favorite color. Liked your choices.

  13. And your page has purple all over it... yes, I think purple is probably your very favorite color...

  14. These are all great purple stuffs, nice entry. Here's mine

  15. Even your blog matches this weeks theme!

    Such wonderful pictures! Have a great weekend.

    Mine's up...come on over.


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