Sunday, May 10, 2009

Carbonara & Salisbury Steak - Yummy Delights From Red Ribbon

Dear Me,

I have always loved
Red Ribbon from the moment I started having cravings for cakes. Back when I was a little younger (hehehe), I would request my mom to bring me a slice of any cake so long as its from that bakeshop.

I grew up and could now earn my own keep. After work, I would dine in a nearby branch from the office and choose from their offerings suiting my tastebuds' preference.

Other than cakes and pastries, I haven't tasted anything from their menu.

Well, I was lucky enough to be invited (with other mommies) to experience their new and improved meals - the
Creamy Carbonara as well as the 100% All-Beef Salisbury Steak.

Pasta, being one of my comfort food, never fails to bore my desire to experience new tastes.

Being first served with their 'made more delectable'
Carbonara, I felt my mouth water from the moment my eyes laid on the plate.

It was made more delectable as promoted for the white sauce was creamier yet tastier than I least expected it would be. The creamy sauce was not lacking in taste for it was complemented with premium spices and healthier bits and strips of chicken, bacon and mushrooms. Topped with parsley and real shaved parmesan cheese, I couldn't stop forking my share from the plate. :) Another improved from this offering was the replacement of the usual buttered garlic bread with the new side bread with herbs which was delightfully soft and aromatic for my taste.

Next in line for some mommy tasting was their 'improved' 100% All-Beef Salisbury Steak.

I'm not really a salisbury steak fan for I've been turned off long ago. But I became a convert the minute I had a bite of their Salisbury Steak.

Unlike other salisbury steaks from other food establishments, Red Ribbon's was totally different. The patty was not thin and dry like any other beef patty I knew. It was truly 100% beef and the patty was much meatier and juicier generously dosed with rich mushroom gravy sauce. Together with a creamier mashed potato and buttered corn & carrots sidings, the meal was such welcome for a filling meal.

my little boy enjoyed his Red Ribbon treat

Red Ribbon's Creamy Carbonara and All-Beef Salisbury Steak meals are really mouth-watering treats for the entire family. I am looking forward to another family bonding-cum-food tasting delight this coming weekend! :)


~*~ Badet ~*~ said...

All time fave ko yung Salisbury nila, I'm not sure if I'm hooked with the mashed potatoes or the beef itself. =)

Everything Nice!

A Mom's Choice said...

Your food looks really good and purple just happens to be my favorite color.

marco said...

tasty!!!! My stomach is growling!!

♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

the salisbury steak looks so yummy!

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