Friday, May 8, 2009

Cool Summer Bonding With The Siblings

Dear Me,

We are three (3) siblings in the family. I'm the eldest in the brood. When we were younger, we used to fight all the time. Our parents always reprimanded us that we should love each other and not fight. Unfortunately, our bickering got the better of us than the fear of punishment from the parents. It was like nothing could make us sit in a room for a minute without hands clawing or pulling hair or punching faces.

Well, we grew up. I guessed those catfights among us were just a phase of normal interaction. We studied, graduated from university and worked our way to earn our own keep. Although we never came to the point of being so tight with each other, it is nonetheless comforting to know that we care and respect each other as siblings.

As the eldest, I thought of ways to spend more time with them since we were all busy with our own worlds. We had our own jobs, friends and gimmicks. We rarely sit down nor do movie marathons together.

So, I started out a plan and had it materialized. We agreed on a schedule and booked our flights to
Cebu. I told them that we would have a grand time for I would be touring them around.

Actually, it was a lot of many first times for them and even for me.

It was their first time to ride in a plane. Oh, just think how excited they were to the point that ground personnel had to guide them as they took snapshots of the plane and themselves. It was also their first time to travel in this popular destination. They only see my photos and hear my stories. It was also our first time to be together for the entire week in a far place.

my siblings

We visited and explored many places in Cebu. We dined and had food-tripping every restaurant we passed by. Despite our limited budget, we tried to experience new things together.

A week was such a short time but being together 24 hours a day, enjoying a lot of things with each other, poking fun, sharing confidences and aspirations, we agreed that it was a vacation we three would never forget. In fact, we would want to have another bonding vacation in the not-so-far future. :)

It's not yet too late, you know. By simply making a way to bond with your siblings, you can still
be cool this summer. :)


☆Willa☆ said...

kamukha mo yung sister mo, ang sweet mo naman na kapatid!

Frances said...

@WILLA, really? I never thought we really ever looked physically alike. Hehehe. Sweet? Trying most of the time...against kasi sa nature ko eh. :)

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