Thursday, June 4, 2009

13th Philippine Academic Book Fair

Dear Me,

I love to read.

I love to hoard books penned by my selected favorite authors. I love to collect tomes in series.

Even though my bookshelves are full and my pile of TBR is scattered everywhere in the house, creating a molehill and growing as tall as Mt. Everest, I still cannot restrain myself from shopping for more books. The temptation as well as the impulse is too overwhelming to ignore.

I frequent bookstores near and far. I explore different places and check the cities for their local book shops. I am just too exhilarated leaving these paradises with bags-full of soon-to-be-read books.

The matter of shopping certain books getting real heavy for my pocket has become a concern and so I discovered book sales, book swapping and book fairs. I even appreciate a hard time spent scouring good quality books in a cramped warehouse.

The seduction of books being readily available is too hard to resist and that's the other reason why I love book fairs.

Despite all that, nothing can ever hinder me from succumbing into a book-buying galore.

This coming June 23rd-27th, the Academic Booksellers Association of the Philippines (ABAP) will be holding the 13th Philippine Academic Book Fair that will feature the latest academic books, journals, references and other materials for educational institutions. Invited to attend the event are school heads/administrators, librarians, teachers and students.

What: 13th Philippine Academic Book Fair
When: June 23-27 2009 (Tue-Sat), 10:00am - 8:00pm
Where: Megatrade Hall 1, 5/F Building B, SM Megamall

For more information on the book fair, feel free to communicate with Ms. Ma. Cristina Capistrano, Vice President, Prime Trade Asia, Inc / Ms. Dang Santos / Ms. Bernadette Catahan at these contact numbers: (02) 896-0682, 897-0139.

See you there!


Shoshana said...

Hey Fran,

I have a few international contest open. Make sure to visit and play. :)

This bookforfree

Frances said...

@SHOSHANA, thanks for the info. :)

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