Friday, May 8, 2009

New Bag: Follow Your Heart

Dear Me,

It just so happened that hubby and little boy wouldn't be able to accompany me to my first
Krispy Kreme Taste Experience. Without them with me meant not bringing my big handy bag-cum diaper bag.

So I grabbed from my bag box one of the many small bags in the pack. I chose this small, black, soft leather tote bag I used to carry during my work in the corporate world. It had been two years since I've used it and thought it was fine. Needless to say, I found out that the soft leather had started to chipped off in wee parts as the hours wore on. It was so uncomfortable that I decided to shop for a new bag at that instant despite my inner self trying to chase away the whim of buying a new one.

Well, the eager whim won! I bought a new bag.

Together with
Ria and Ryan (who also had their own shopping in mind), we safely (after having a Market Market tour via their shuttle) arrived at Glorietta.

I wasn't yet certain what type of bag I would buy but I knew that the moment my eyes laid on it and I liked it, I would purchase it in a heartbeat.

If I wasn't mistaken, it was
Ryan who first saw it. We passed by this kiosk full of stylish yet colorful bags.

Sporting the catchy brand name Follow Your Heart, you will absolutely follow your heart once a particular bag catches your fancy. Their bags are fashionably affordable and stylish.

I was eyeing a violet (my favorite color) bag but wasn't impressed enough
. Ryan 'donned' this polka dot bag and surely it looked pleasing to me. I asked the seller if there was another color for that design and unfortunately, there wasn't.

To cut this bag narrative short, I bought it and I fell in love with it.

I love this bag because of its trendy look (the chewy polka dots and the small handle) as well as its functionality (its bigness serving its purpose for me). I just hope that its durability will last longer than I expect.

By the way,
Ria also bought one for herself. :)

If you're looking for refreshingly chic bags of any kind, better check Follow Your Heart kiosks/shops located in the malls. Their shops have a mixed collection of those eye-catching yet affordable bags. :)

Follow Your Heart
Store Locations: Glorietta, Market Market, Tiendesitas, Trinoma


Ria said...

hehe...i was gonna say i also followed my heart...but you said it for me already hehe!!!

Frances said...

hehehe. Have you used your bag na? ;)

Style and Relax said...

That saying holds true indeed when it comes to shopping! :)

Lovely bag, enjoy it!

elaine said...

that's a pretty one!

Frances said...

@LACE, I absolutely agree with you! Nothing can stop women from indulging themselves unless no more cash in the purse and credit cards maxxed out! :p

@ELAINE, thanks.

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