Monday, June 15, 2009

FullyBooked Book Geek

Dear Me,

I love books. No question there.

But I'm not really the type of reader who will remember everything about a particular book that I've read. There are times that I forget who penned a certain book that I've already read yet I can vividly recall that I finished reading it while climbing down the stairs of the university campus or walking at the sidewalks of Padre Faura. I can remember a certain plot and its characters while I dig my memory the title of that book.

Most of the time, I know it but I always find myself jogging my brain cells and twisting the tip of my tongue to seek recognition.

I'm feeling a little anxious.

On June 20th, I will be one of the so-called 'well-read people' participating in the
Monthly Book Geek Competition being hosted by Fully Booked.

Are you a Book Geek? Fully Booked is looking for well-read people. Test your mettle against others for the right to be called the Fully Booked Ultimate Book Geek. Earn bragging rights and privileges from your favorite bookstore! All you have to do is to participate and be declared the Book Geek of the month. In November 2009, the Book Geeks of the month will compete for the title.

This is actually my second time to qualify. The first one was in February but unfortunately, I was not able to come during the day of the competition.

Yesterday, I confirmed my attendance on Saturday.

A few hours ago, my brother told me that he and his wife are making arrangements about a second family (not my side of the family though) summer outing in
Bulacan this Saturday.

I am torn because I want to experience the geekie competition (and if lucky, I am PhP5,000 worth of books richer) and join the splashing escapade as well. My brother and his wife are bound to fly overseas in a few days after that.

If I don't attend the competition, I will really feel guilty and shameful to
Ms. San Diego of Fully Booked. That will be my second offense for not showing up (although I can inform her soonest).

Regarding the outing, it was my brother who invited us (they want my little boy to be there) and in general, it was a family outing of my brother's wife since we just had ours last Saturday. Since he requested it and knowing my little boy enjoyed his very first dip in the water last week, I feel like I am depriving both of them of something and I also feel guilty about that.

My only prayer is that the outing be moved to Sunday!



sumthinblue said...

Hi Fran! Dianne is joining on Saturday also. Good luck to you two!

I won't be able to watch, we have a book discussion in QC

Frances said...


I'm wishing really wishing I can attend. I have this family thing going on. In case, goodluck to us both.

Aw, the book discussion is also on Sat? *sigh*

badet said...

Yikes, that's a hard decision to make. Family gathering is so hard to pass up especially if love ones are leaving. But doing something you're passionate about is another thing.... haaay, sana mamove na lang ang outing... or sana overnight na lang yung outing para habol ka pa. :)


Everything Nice!

Abaniko said...

Most of the time I forget about the book's plot after a week of finishing it. Weird ba? If I recall anything it's vaguely the "emotional effect" (if I can term it this) it had on me while I was reading the book.

writegirl said...

hi there! finally i made an entry about iblog 5 and posted our pic. good luck! hope you win! and hope you'll be able to attend the outing too!

Frances said...

@BADET, family comes first. But to tell you something. Outing didn't push through and I attended the contest. :)

@ABANIKO, hey! Are you back? If I forget something naman, I recall certain parts of it one by one..Hehehe.

@WRITEGIRL, wow! You're blogging na pala. Will link you up. :)

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