Saturday, April 17, 2010

Simple Moments, Extraordinary Happiness

Dear Me,

I'm being contemplative and nostalgic at the same time. I have been so overly-stressed out physically and emotionally. I am longing for a quiet moment in a tranquil place.

While mulling about an idea of having a getaway with my little boy (have to bring him with me), my daydreaming brought me to cherished once-upon-a-times.

my trekking shoes atop a (almost) mountain peak;
it felt good to be up there

I realized that the usual, common and mundane things that we sometimes or always do, may not totally be nothing. In fact, the plain reminiscing painted a happy smile in my mind, if not in my face.

The good, smallest things that we usually take for granted - cool summer evenings, spectacular view of the sun rising in the horizon, hot mug of coffee in a chilly morning, hearing Bon Jovi over the air waves, reading a good book while sipping a favorite frappuccino, listening to a two-year old as he tries to communicate with you, etc. - are in truth, is what makes life sweet and interesting.

I think it is high time that we start to appreciate the simplest of things. After all, simplicity breeds great happiness.


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