Friday, June 18, 2010

Criminal Minds' Jennifer Jareau To Leave The Show

Dear Me,

This is sad news. I like J.J. (aka AJ Cook). Criminal Minds' FBI BAU Supervisory Special Agent Jennifer "JJ" Jareau will not join the rest of the team in the upcoming sixth season.

The show's producers did not renew AJ Cook's contract due to 'creative reasons.' I'm not sure what it exactly mean but the change is not really needed. After all, they have solid, consistently high ratings. I am also thinking that the decision probably has something to do with the spin-off. I hope the replacement will fit the cast and fill the void.

Another character who is also being affected by the network's creative decision is FBI BAU Supervisory Special Agent Emily Prentiss (placed by Paget Brewster). She will be appearing in a reduced number of episodes.

I don't really understand but these two female characters are well-loved in the show. They're smart, independent and acting-wise, they're kick-ass.

And if ever they remove my beloved Supervisory Special Agent/Unit Chief Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner from the show, I'm gonna scream!


  1. Waaahhh! We love JJ!! :( And we love Emily, too. Argh.

    My partner and I just started watching Criminal Minds a few weeks ago. We're now on Season 2 and I just started to really love Emily. Tsk. I wonder what happened.

  2. Wow that really stinks. I actually love both these characters. I hope the ratings don't go down because of these changes.


  3. Without JJ and Prentiss, Criminal Minds is no longer my favorite program. What a loss!!! I will no longer watch it.

  4. I was really shocked when I saw the chapter and actually very sad, and I'm sure the ratings, at least for now, are going to go down... And if they cut back Prentiss's chapters, this is going to be worse... They might as well cut back all the actors and find new ones, I mean, they really look like they want to destroy the program!


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