Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Evolution 2000-2010

Dear Me,

Suddenly, I find myself browsing through some old photos in my archive. And when I say old, the digital images goes way back year 2000. It would have been fun to see the ones before that year. Unfortunately, I still have to hunt from wherever those photos from long ago and have them scanned.

Year 2000
(moi at the left corner)
looking so awkward & scrawny

Year 2001
beating a deadline

Year 2002
lounging at somebody's work station

Year 2003
(moi at the far right corner)
with the CEO & the rest of the office angels

Year 2004
casually busy

Year 2005
(moi wearing a maroon top)
with office buddy Jill at a company exhibition

Year 2006
(moi holding a birthday cake)
celebrating my birthday

Year 2007
(moi in pink, standing second from the left side)
with my office buddies during my farewell party

Year 2007
preggy & enjoying this delightful craving at Burger King

Year 2008
(moi carrying my little buddy)
shopping with the sister

Year 2008
attending a clear black night party with hubby & little buddy

Year 2008
(moi in the middle)
lunching out with office buddies

Year 2009
whiling time with my little buddy during a blogger event

Year 2010
with little buddy during his very first "semi-kalbo" haircut

Year 2010 (July)
@ the hotel in Cebu with little buddy

Year 2010 (June)
with my mom, en route to Hongkong

Year 2010 (September)
I love Egyptian-related books!
@ the Universal Studios Singapore

Year 2010 (September)
with my Egyptian boyfriend
@ the Universal Studios Singapore

I will be posting more photos during our recent family travels. :)


Mom Daughter Style said...

you have a beautiful family

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