Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Year Trip Destination: Cebu (Part 2)

Dear Me,

Yes, it was my little boy's first plane ride.

It was also our first time to use the newly-opened
NAIA Terminal 3, also known as T3.

It was a holiday visit to his daddy's father and sisters in Cebu.

Our plane landed at the Mactan Cebu International Airport at past 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon. After claiming our luggage from the baggage counter, we hailed a cab that would bring us to the city, specifically at Elizabeth Mall. There we had quick snacks and waited for my hubby's two sisters. After dining, hubby and one of the sisters made a quick dash to the supermarket to purchase some groceries we would need during our stay in Pinamungajan.

After doing the things needed to be done, we headed to the van terminal that would directly bring us to my father-in-law's place. We had to wait for an hour or two to get the best seats. Also, another two hours for travel time to reach our destination.

Past 9:00 o'clock in the evening, we safely arrived at the place which would be our home for three nights.

after changing diaper,
Miguel went straight to the Christmas tree

For days, it kept on raining and when it didn't rain, the winds were too strong hindering us to wander around. But there was a time that hubby, Miguel and my father-in-law went out to see the wide expanse of the land. I was told my little boy saw a number and variety of farm animals. While this was happening, I was relaxing in dreamland. :)

kodak moment of grandson & grandfather

I knew that hubby and my son totally had a blast during our stay in the house. Unfortunately, I couldn't say that I shared the same sentiment. It wasn't that I disliked it there. I hated being cooped up in any place the entire day. I felt suffocated. It was a good thing I brought books and some readings to while away time. Just the same, I was glad that we came since it was a also a vacation for me and I missed chatting with the sisters. It would just be prefect if the weather cooperated with us.

I've been to Pinamungajan before and I expected to see the countryside. Too bad that we left the place without visiting any beaches or landmarks.

family photo captured

We were supposed to leave Monday morning for Cebu City but we, the girls, had some pampering around. One of the sister's manicurist (who comes every two weeks) arrived for a scheduled nail pampering for Ayza. All three sisters had their time and I decided to have mine, too. I had all my nails done and had them painted-slash-glazed purple. It was a beauty. :)

Hours later, I packed our stuff while my hubby and little boy mingled with the family. Soon, everyone was hijacking the bathroom to do their own thing as we expected to leave the countryside for the city. The last ride was just an hour before the sunset. We had to rush.

hubby & Miguel bid Lolo Moling goodbye

Before going to the terminal, we dropped by at the hospital where my father-in-law was working to say our farewells. I knew he felt sad because it would be a long time again before he saw again his only son and grandson.

Two hours later, we reached Cebu City and rode a cab to my sister-in-law's apartment located at
Lahug. We tossed our luggage inside and hopped to a cab again for SM Cebu. We had a sumptuous and very filling dinner at Chika-an sa Cebu Restaurant located at the North Wing of the mall.

SM Cebu had definitely undergone a very big change. It didn't look like I was in any SM malls. Inside the mall, it felt colossal. I would like to take shots of its grandness but I felt too drained to even lift a finger.

Anyway, the sisters ordered a lot of 'sinful' dishes. Hehehe. We had
Crispy Pata, tasty Baked Scallops, crunchy Lechon Kawali and others that I couldn't recall anymore. We had Sinigang as well. I had been salivating over Grilled Squid that time but it was not available. For 'appetizers,' I requested Green Mango with Bagoong. Yum! It was the super-sour taste of green mango that I enjoyed eating it alone with so much gusto! Oh, please forget about bagoong. The green fruit was good enough for me. ;)

uberly perfect for my taste!

Overall, I would say that dining at Chika-an sa Cebu was a 4-stars experience!

The mall was already closing when we finished dining.

We all decided to call it a night since everyone was already exhausted.

Chika-an sa Cebu Restaurant
SM Cebu, 2/F North Wing
T#: (032) 412-2029
Other Branch: Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City


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